Thursday, March 27, 2008

choosing sides

the jim schellinger for governor campaign demonstrates its web-savvy by hiring jen wagner of TDW fame. that's a big risk for jen, the mother of a new baby, as she'll be out of a job in six weeks if schellinger doesn't win the primary. here's wishing her good luck in her new endeavor.

what should a political blogger do to avoid potential conflict after signing up with a campaign? jen's answer is to give up her blogs: tdw and accidental mayor will continue on with other bloggers at the helm. here's hoping they don't die of neglect like indiana blog review after it was taken over by a certain radio host.

in comparison, joh padgett apparently deleted his whole website after joining up with myers for congress. then again, when your domain name is your birth name, you can't get away with guest bloggers so easily.

at bilerico, they just ran a disclaimer, which has already scrolled off the main page.

rest assured that stAllio!'s way is not signing up with any campaigns this year. i just won't have time, as i'm working on two really exciting projects, neither of which i'm quite ready to announce on the blog yet. stay tuned for a couple big announcements in the coming weeks.


FiniFinito said...

Actually I have a clarification for you. I did not delete my entire website, before I joined the Myers campaign I had begun to restructure my blogs so I could use the domain mainly for my personal email and my music blog Dissonance. Monticello Politics is now available at and my business site is at You can still reach Dissonance at

Having said that, I am on temporary hiatus from Monticello Politics until my duties with the Myers campaign are finished. Should that be May or November is up to the voters of the 7th District I suppose. So if anyone wants to get rid of me until November vote for Dr. Woody Myers on May 6th!

stAllio! said...

thanks, joh. you might want to set up a redirect at the old monticello url.