Monday, March 10, 2008

more on elrod the moderate

jon elrod tries to bill himself as a moderate, but he isn't, as he demonstrated by sending out alarmist mailers about how andré carson "will be another vote for the pro-choice movement".

now, if he's willing to send out mailers about abortion, probably the most divisive wedge issue in the country, then you really didn't think he'd stop there, did you? behold, the jon elrod gun control mailer: (click to embiggen)

(i nicked this from sir hailstone, who posted it with pride, not realizing, or perhaps just not caring, that it doesn't exactly mesh with elrod's "moderate" image.)

that's right: andré wants you to be defenseless! tied up and subjected to all sorts of unpleasantness like golden-age wonder woman! that cad!

the mailer doesn't explicitly state what it is andré wants you to be defenseless against. i'm guessing it's the takeover by radical islam that elrod's supporters are so worried about.

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Wilson46201 said...

Kudos for catching this NRA-style mailer from Elrod! Combined with his anti-abortion mailer, it totally shoots down his oh-so "moderate" image that temporarily beguiled some political naifs...