Friday, March 28, 2008

amazon comes to... somewhere in indiana

so the indy star has a new web design. it's an improvement. one of the new features is that user comments now show up at the bottom of the story rather than a separate page. considering the caliber of the star's commenter base, this isn't always a good thing. but it means that when the star makes a horrible factual error, you don't have to wait for a correction—just scroll down! to wit:

Efforts to further Central Indiana’s position as a major distribution hub advanced today as confirmed that it will establish a 1,200-employee distribution center in Boone County.

Amazon, a Seattle-based consumer goods distributor, would employ 1,200 full-time workers at Whitestown by 2010 and another 1,700 part-time workers each holiday shopping season between October and January, state economic development officials said.

hey, that's cool. jobs for hoosiers, plus when you order from amazon your shiz will arrive super early! where's the distro center?

Amazon picked the Boone County site, located on I-69 in farmland about 25 miles north of Indianapolis, over locations in other undisclosed communities and states.

The depot would open in AllPoints Building 1, a vacant 630,500-square-foot building put up last summer by Duke and Browning Development in anticipation of attracting a tenant to AllPoints, a proposed 616-acre industrial park next to Duke's sprawling Anson residential and commercial project west of Zionsville on Ind. 334.

wait, it's where? scroll down to the third comment, from bryan78:

Jesus Ted since when did I-69 go through Boone County? IndyStar needs to better check their stories so they don't sound like idiots.

here's a visual aid. A is zionsville; B is i-69:

whitestown, the town mentioned as the actual site, is off the map, top left.

it's like they're crowdsourcing their basic fact checking and copy editing now.

update: shucks. they've corrected it. the error was only up for about an hour, which i suppose isn't so bad considering their recent track record.

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