Sunday, March 09, 2008

jon elrod is SO moderate...

that he's sending out mailers like this (image stolen from tdw):

poor jon elrod. he knows he can't win in the 7th district as a right-winger. so he presents himself as a moderate, based in large part on his opposition to the marriage amendment. his actual positions on lgbt issues are muddled and uneven, but it's not like he can run on his support for the iraq war or the many other issues he's wrong on.

he's quietly in cahoots with eric miller's people—look closely at that mailer and you'll see it was paid for by, which is owned by miller acolytes. but because he's against the marriage amendment, some of miller's disciples are quietly working against him, anonymously buying up domains like and

so in trying to court moderate voters that elrod desperately needs if he has any hope of defeating andré carson, he's alienated some of his right-wing base. now, in an attempt to win that base back, he's sending out mailers on the wedgiest of wedge issues: abortion.

jon elrod is hardly a moderate. and if he's hoping for democrats to cross the aisle and vote for him, the absolute last thing he should be doing is sending out mailers reminding us that "Andre Carson will be another vote for the pro-choice movement in Washington, D.C."


Wilson46201 said...

Marti: are you trying to channel Gary welsh?

Marti said...

Just trying to cover the Republican talking points :)