Sunday, March 09, 2008

speaking of special elections

by the way, remember dennis hastert? he was the last republican speaker of the house, who recently retired. well, yesterday there was a special election to fill his seat. democrat bill foster won that formerly-safe GOP seat.

the GOP lost the seat, despite the fact that the NRCC spent more than a million trying to keep it. in indianapolis, jon elrod isn't getting any such support from his party. his supporters try to spin it by saying "95% of his support comes from in-state", but what that really means is "nobody outside of indiana believes in jon elrod." then again, it's not like the NRCC could even afford to support elrod if it wanted to.

of course, the situation here is quite different, with andré carson facing stiff competition in the primary even if he wins the special. but this can't be a good sign for elrod.

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