Monday, March 24, 2008

the nice price

when i first heard that the deputy mayor's son had been arrested for attempting to solicit an undercover cop, the detail that really struck me was this one:

According to a police report, Williams drove up to a female undercover officer and offered her $16 for oral sex.

i mean, sixteen dollars?!? i spend more than that in an average week on comic books. where does he get off—pun intended—thinking he can get a blowjob at such baragin basement prices?

but then i read this comment over at accidental mayor and it made a bit more sense:

The reason that $16 was the price is due to the fact that a "rock" of crack, on the street in Indianapolis, goes for between $10 and $20. The larger the rock the higher the cost or the smaller the rock the lower the price. A $16 rock is a decent one hit for a crack addict.

It is rather obvious to those of use who know why Mr.Willimas offered such an odd number like $16 rather than say round number like $20. Mr.Williams not only understood it's usually crack addicts working the streets as prostitutes but he also new what the going price was that these "crack whores" were paying in that neighborhood for a hit.

silly me. i hadn't realized the price of crack was so high these days. it's the inflation, i guess.

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Anonymous said...

back in oakland, i would sometimes get sparechanged for odd amounts (e.g., $2.17). we figured it was the rest of the money they needed to buy a dose of their stimulant of choice.