Friday, March 07, 2008

elrod ad made by friends of eric miller

jon elrod's first tv ad turned up on youtube today. you may have already heard about the embarrassing typos—both in the ad itself and in the email announcing it. (thomas from blue indiana managed to archive the original version of the ad before it got pulled and replaced by a corrected version.) but did you notice who paid for the ad, and who made it?

the ad was paid for by as i & other bloggers noted back in january, is hosted by—and was designed by—the firm main1media. main1media was founded by rick terry, an acolyte of notorious homophobe eric miller, and the firm works with miller to promote his anti-gay agenda. when confronted with these ties last month, elrod was unconcerned.

furthermore, the video was originally uploaded to a youtube account owned by main1media, suggesting that the ad was in fact produced by main1media. (this might explain the cheap production value and the amateurish failure to do a basic spell-check before they uploaded the video.)

this is another demonstration that despite what some may think, jon elrod isn't so great on lgbt issues.

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Wilson46201 said...

Gay Republican blogger Gary Welsh even held a fundraiser for Jon Elrod -- I wonder if it galls him that his $1000 contribution ended up in the pockets of the Eric Miller gang?