Thursday, August 16, 2007

quitting time

'tis the week to be quittin' your job!

karl rove is resigning!

tommy thompson dropped out of the presidential race!

former speaker of the house dennis hastert is going to resign after this term rather than run for reelection.

fort wayne mayoral candidate matt kelty probably should drop out of the race now that he's been indicted for nine felonies, but will he?

and city county councillor patrice abduallah is resigning after investigative reporting by blogger gary welsh revealed that abduallah does not in fact live in his district. (of course, if a similar investigation had been done by a democrat like wilson allen, gary and his commenters would be up in arms calling it "dumpster diving" and declaring that the researcher was going to hell. but that's neither here nor there.)


Wilson46201 said...

Actually it was Abdul Hakim-Shabazz who discovered the Declaration of Candidacy with the out-of-district Warman address that was the "smoking gun". Gary had huffed and puffed but had discovered absolutely nothing that could have forced Abduallah to resign.

My question now is: Who tipped off Abdul about the address discrepancy on that form?

Anonymous said...

Actually it was protester Abu Henderson who demonstrated with the protestors at the August 6th CCC meeting that publicly challenged Abdullah's residency. I was there and was the person who organized the CCC protest.

Abu was thrown out of the CCC auditorium after publicly confronting Abdullah's residency. I could tell Abu's anger that he previously tried to go through proper channels and make a citizen's complaint, but was ignored.

So, I tracked Abu down to talk with him about it later that week. I asked if he had filed a complaint and found out he notified Monroe Gray several times beginning in January 07. Monroe Gray, did nothing to ensure the integrity of the city council, and took absolutely no action. Speculators believe he took no action because the council was holding Abdullah's residency over his head in order to extort the votes they wanted.

The day after I talked with Abu, I went on the radio with him and Reverend Ajabu to discuss this problem and that the CCC's COIT vote from July 23rd was invalid due to Abdullah's illegal residency.

The first mention of a citizen complaint being made about Abdullah's residency was made on that radio show. Previously Beth White said the city had no liability because the clerk's office doesn't police the residency of city councilors and that no action could be taken without a citizen complaint.

Abu Henderson holds a master's degree and is a precinct committeeman.