Tuesday, February 13, 2007


a few years ago, i bought a copy of negativland's dispepsi at a local borders store, only to discover when i got it home that the music on the disc wasn't negativland at all... it was a misprint, and while all the packaging was right, the actual music on the disc was a gospel recording. i eventually returned the disc to the store and exchanged it for a new one, but since then i regretted the decision, wondering whether i should have kept this rare item for my collection, or sold it on ebay or something.

fast forward to yesterday, when i bought a copy of the latest venetian snares cd, hospitality. i popped that bad boy into the cd player and was greeted with house music, most assuredly not produced by vsnares. (turns out the music is the house mixes 1996-2006 by bah samba.) i was only able to find one site online that mentions the misprint, so this item could be pretty rare as well.

i don't want to repeat my dispepsi mistake. so what do i do? hang on to the cd and get a new copy? (should i buy another from luna, where i got this one? and if i do and that copy is also a misprint, should i keep that one too?) immediately put it up on ebay? hang onto it for awhile and then put it on ebay? i have no interest in ever listening to the music on the disc, but if it's "valuable" then i'd be a fool to let it go...

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djempirical said...

my skinny puppy remixes disc was that way. i had cevin key autograph it.