Tuesday, February 13, 2007

AWIA "mono a mono" 2xcd now a free download

bad taste #20, the 2001 double-disc epic mono a mono from animals within animals, is now available for free download from the ears section of badtaste4life.com.

mono a mono is 2 hours and 21 minutes of mayhem: text manipulation, noise, databending, and everything in between.  learn the "truth" about parasites, mating rituals, arachnophobia, the internet, & the sanctity of turkey leftovers.

if you don't have the cds, you haven't heard the whole thing!

much of this album has been circulating the p2p networks for years. you might have even downloaded a version purporting to be "complete". don't be fooled: these versions are not complete!

if you look at the album's back cover, you'll notice gaps in the numbering. that's because the proper album contained a bunch of mini-tracks and samples (15 on disc one, 13 on disc two) in between the longer tracks to improve musical flow. these tracks (most under a minute in length) were never given proper titles, and to my knowledge have never been available anywhere online... until today!

if you were not one of the privileged few who acquired an actual cdr copy of mono a mono (or, if you were one of the cursed few who received copies only for them to be lost, or destroyed by huge cracks in the center of the discs caused by packaging problems [yes, this really happened!]), this download is for you!

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