Tuesday, February 13, 2007

sir hailstone cuts and runs... for office

advance indiana and tdw are both reporting that sir hailstone is running for city-county council! someone figured out that CCC republican candidate mike jezierski is none other than the rabid freeper known as sir hailstone. tdw calls him a "grumpy old troll", which is probably being generous.

if the significance is lost on you, here's a refresher. shortly before last year's election, i discovered that hailstone was a freeper and campaign volunteer for eric dickerson. because hailstone was (and remains) one of the most foul, hateful right-wing trolls on the indiana blogosphere, i took it upon myself to scour through his blog and link to some of the most insane posts.

alas, the day after the election, hailstone deleted his blog, rendering all my links useless, but i figured that was a small price to pay in order to be rid of the guy. unfortunately, not long after that, he started blogging again. then last month, hailstone/jezierski drew even more attention to himself by posting a "reward" for dirt on "that TDW bitch", proclaiming that tdw jen "needs to go down and go down hard".

surprisingly, before announcing his bid for the council, hailstone/jezierski didn't delete his blog or even purge it of his most ridiculous comments. his pre-november posts are still lost to the ether, but all the post-election stuff still seems to be there. so in honor of his candidacy, i figured it was once again time to start going through his blog archives and locate some of the nuttier material:

here he rails against "the socialist advocates of wealth redistribution"

here he muses that "one must be truly insane to be a Democrat."

here he rejoices over a texas execution

here he describes why he didn't want to donate $3 of his income taxes to the presidential campaign fund: "I thought of that $3 and the very idea of that seemingly paltry sum possibly going to Hillary, I could not click "NO" fast enough."

hailstone is still angry about vietnam draft-dodgers

amazingly, the reward post is still up!

here he posts a video of mike ditka railing against "Barack Hussein Osama, and those who are apologists for the terrorists and those who call themselves Americans but continually call this a bad country."

here he speculates on why college costs so much: "Maybe some of these overpaid draft-dodging far left wingnut tenured professors are the problem? No can't do that they are the ones indoctrinating the youth into voting for whackjobs like Nancy Pelosi and Dennis "the Menace" Kucinich."

hailstone is pathologically obsessed with wilson allen

oops! hailstone forgot about martin luther king day, but not because he's a racist like those democrats!

here he basically compares state rep david orentlicher to hitler, demanding, in big bold all-caps letters so you know he really means it, "THE ANTI-FREEDOM LIBERALS MUST BE STOPPED!!"

hailstone on bayh: "Sounds like he can't make up his mind whether to pander to the far left like a good little 'Rat and piss off the moderates back home, or be the phony moderate he was when he was Governor here and not gain the interest of the left wingnuts that dominate the modern 'Rat party."

here he posts a photo of some car in san francisco as proof that all liberals are hypocrites. (personally, i discern a difference between abortion and killing already-born children in an unjust war, but to hailstone they are the same.)

hailstone got very excited when saddam was executed

hailstone routinely says vile things about julia carson (D,IN-7), like "I wonder if someone will get the food for Julia or will she eat straight from the serving trays?"

hailstone really hates new orleans

considering that hailstone was a devoted dickerson supporter/volunteer, it's hilarious that he would call john conyers "a slick used car salesman that'll say anything to get elected" (or have such a grudge against payton wells)

hailstone's (presumably meant to be humorous) attempt to translate nancy pelosi comes off more like that far side cartoon about what dogs hear

...and this is just a taste. believe me, there's more craziness there at his blog, not to mention all the certifiable things he has said in comments over at advance indiana or other blogs. he has a podcast, too! i'm sure it's a goldmine of insane ranting, but i can't bring myself to listen to it right now.

anyway, that's his personal blog. you might wonder whether his official candidate blog is toned down. and it is... he toned it down all the way to eleven. on his campaign blog, he drops the name-calling but keeps the rhetoric. he no longer calls council president monroe grey "sweet pea", but candidate jezierski still makes comments like "I did notice that CCC President Monroe Gray had to leave early. Was it drawing time at the ticket house?"

i don't see how anyone could take mike jezierski seriously as a candidate, considering his record. he's a joke.

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Anonymous said...

The republicans can and did. What does that say about the local GOP organization?