Saturday, February 17, 2007

teh new blogger

i just switched to the "new" blogger. i put it off for awhile because, in my design work, i've created a dozen or two blogs for other people, so in blogger terms i "own" their blogs. each of those blogs have custom templates that i wrote from scratch, and i was naturally concerned about the blogger conversion breaking my templates somehow... and of course i was also concerned about my clients getting confused by the switchover.

but blogger was willing to let me wait no longer, and forced me to switch. unlike some, the conversion seemed pretty smooth and was over within minutes. (though i haven't tested all twentysomething blogs for problems.) so that's cool.

at some point i'll start experimenting with the new features, so you might notice some minor (or even not-so-minor) layout changes in the coming weeks. but i'm also fairly busy with editing work, house-cleaning, and finishing up parts is parts, among other things...

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arratik said...

the template that i threw together for my wife's blog (you helped w/the css, i seem to recall) survived the transition to new blogger without any problems.

blogger forced us to switch scrutiny hooligans over to the new blogger. i like it better... but we're in the process of moving everything to wordpress, and at this point no one has come up with an import tool... bleah.

(hello from nashville, btw. just hung out with pimpdaddysupreme and, for a little bit, matt the pm.)