Thursday, February 01, 2007

vampire diaries is the new armed & famous

a muncie girl... what do you know about that?

Vampire Diaries was released Friday on DVD by Glass Ceiling Studios. Muncie film director Christopher Gregory said he shot the entire X-rated film on the grounds of the Kitselman Center, home to Ball State University's Virginia Ball Center for Creative Inquiry.

Gregory said he recruited about five Ball State students as part of Vampire Diaries' cast. The film's plotline follows Dracula's daughter as she makes an appearance in the 21st century as a 23-year-old college student exploring her sexuality.

When scouting for a local place to film, Gregory said he contacted Virginia Ball Center director Joe Trimmer and received permission to film inside the Kitselman Center in August 2004, according to the location agreement signed by both Trimmer and Gregory.

Trimmer, however, was unaware the film would be pornographic.

naturally, ball state and the city are upset. personally, i don't see how this is any more humiliating than taking a bunch of washed-up celebs like erik estrada, putting them in cop uniforms, and then airing the show up against american idol where it's sure to fail. but then again, i'm comfortable with the idea that humans reproduce sexually.


Anonymous said...

I love the phrase "about five Ball State students". So he perhaps recruited 5 1/2 students.

stAllio! said...

one of them he only hired from the waist down.