Monday, January 08, 2007

miss ann writes a letter

from the bottom of the latest blog post by indy star columnist matt tully:

EMAIL OF THE WEEK, PART 2: "Greetings," it reads, "One of my friends linked me to your recent editorial criticizing the mayor's performance. It seems like you might be catching on, which is why I am specificially writing to you. I'm the former dominatrix in Meridian Kessler witch hunted by the mayor in an attempt to divert public attention away from his failing IndyWorks proposals back in 2005."

She goes on, but let's just say I'm very popular with the dominatrix crowd.

while he doesn't include her name, he is quite clearly referring to miss ann, who i've blogged about before (see greatest hits, in the right column), but not in the past several months. miss ann wrote to tully in the hopes of finding a kindred spirit in the media, someone who could relate the story of her struggle against the city, and instead tully mocked her for being a dominatrix. classy. (though i must say her line about tully "catching on" does sound a little conspiracy-minded. i can only imagine what was in the rest of that email, but it probably doesn't look too different from the content of her blog.)

so what has miss ann been up to since we last checked in? judging from her blog, not much: she doesn't post very often. last we checked in, she was hinting that she would release the audio of her "session" with the undercover cop once she got a copy of it. later, she announced that the tape was too boring to waste time on, claiming that mysteriously the audio stopped right before she got to the juicy stuff (where she allegedly tied up the cop, dressed him in lingerie, and harrassed him, calling him a slut for repeatedly asking her for sex).

a bit later, she went on ebay and tried to sell the lingerie that she'd dressed the cop in, but apparently ebay shut down both auctions. in response, miss ann announced that she planned "to commission the artifact to a local artist to encase in lucite" and then try to auction off the lucite-encrusted item. no word on whether this has happened or ever will.

her most recent post (dated october 9) includes her detailed testimony of her encounters with the undercover policeman, which has a few new details.

update: looks like miss ann has taken to reading advance indiana. i could be off base here, but this comment sure sounds like her.

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Anonymous said...

I wrote to Tully to propose that he file a Freedom of Information Act to learn how much money the city has spent so far attempting to prosecute me for an alleged zoning violation. I am sure the amount is daunting and would be enough to pay for a full time cop on the Monon Trail.

My point to Tully was that the mayor is not doing what it takes to bring the rate of real crime down, while he squanders taxpayer money to attempt to win political points in the press. Perhaps more attention should be paid to how the mayor spends our tax resources.

Meanwhile, I keep racking up the hits on my website which links details of the case for our community to read.

We filed a motion for summary judgement back in November or early December. The city asked for another extension.