Friday, January 26, 2007

databending fun

so i read that google had changed its algorithms so that old-school google bombs like "miserable failure" would no longer work. so i thought i should check my page rank for "databending", which used to be pretty high. (the algorithm change isn't supposed to change your rank if you want to be linked with a search term, but it never hurts to check.)

turns out the number one result is my bent image gallery, which is pretty good. but here's some other fun stuff i turned up in my search:finally, while i haven't blogged much about it, over the past few months i've discovered a bunch of new tricks for databending images, many of which involve using the magical "photoshop RAW" file format. the RAW format is probably the most bendable image format out there, and produces some very fun results... but as far as i know, you need photoshop to use it. (the gimp doesn't seem to support raw files.) as always, my latest glitch art can be found on my flickr photostream (though if you want to avoid seeing the occasional non-bent image, you might want to just browse my photos that are tagged "databending"; search for photos tagged "glitch" if you also want to see screenshots from glitched-out cable/satellite tv).

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