Friday, January 19, 2007

putting out the hits

before last november's election, i posted an exposé on right-wing blogger sir hailstone, detailing some of the libelous, ridiculous trash he was posting, and along the way discovering that he was in fact a volunteer for eric dickerson's congressional campaign.

a few days after the election, he deleted his blog, and i just figured he would vanish into the ether after that, perhaps even disappearing from the net for awhile so that his connection to dickerson would be more difficult to trace.

but i was wrong. hailstone continued commenting over at advance indiana, and within a few weeks, hailstone started his blog back up. of course, he never reinstated any of his pre-election posts, which could be considered suspicious. (is there something in those old posts he's trying to hide?)

anyway, fast-forward to today, when i see on tdw what hailstone has been up to lately: posting a reward for "verifiable dirt" on "the tdw bitch" (because "that broad needs to go down and go down hard"... sexual connotation most likely unintentional, possibly freudian).

now that's a class act. misogynistic, threatening, and downright absurd (he posts a pic of a hammer and sickle, because you know all liberals are commie pinkos). it's unsurprising that he has received no tips, because if there is any dirt out there worth having on jen wagner (the woman behind tdw, which is easily the state's biggest and most important blog), i imagine the state GOP has already had it for some time now. it's hard to tell whether he thought he could actually accomplish something or whether it was just the sort of revenge fantasy that typifies much of the right-wing blogosphere. (after all, just a couple days earlier, he had posted a "$250 reward" for a "viable GOP candidate that has a good chance of knocking off Mayor Bart", and it's pretty clear that ain't gonna happen, either.


Anonymous said...

So who the heck is Hailstone, anyway? Not that he shouldn't have a pseudonym, but I'm curious.

Wilson46201 said...

He's originally from Lake County but moved here this spring - he's an EMT somewhere with too much time between ambulance runs. Seemingly his name is Mike but he's a cowardly blowhard who conceals his identity - probably for good reason! He is racist, misogynistic and homophobic - a proud "Freeper" too.

In politics, the guy is a complete fascist (and I rarely throw that word against folk). He joked that 100 Democrats at the bottom of the Ohio River would be a good start. I objected to this eliminationist rhetoric so he told me to take a swim. Classy retort...

Anonymous said...

I see from Hailstone's blog that the best his followers can come up with are some allegations that I've been "slutting around" the Statehouse and that I was the victim of spousal abuse, so I must be a loose woman.

This being my first and very monogamous marriage to a guy who's never laid an unwelcome hand on me, I was a little curious from whence the rumors are coming.

But then I realized that when these goobers don't have any real dirt, they just attack at random.

Incidentally, the spousal abuse comment probably came from one of the Eric Dickerson crazies at the blogger forum I took part in not long before the election. since the issue of Dickerson's domestic abuse arrest was bound to come up, I informed the audience, at the request of the event organizers, that I had applied for and received a protective order against an ex-boyfriend many years ago.

Funny how they only heard what they wanted to hear.

Still, if they want to hunt for dirt, I hope they pack some long underwear. They're going to be out in the cold for a long, long time.

Thanks for the kind words.

Wilson46201 said...

Jocelyn Tandy has been trying to peddle a story about me being physically abused by a boyfriend too. In their own personal world of horrors it probably happens all too often. In mine, never...

Anonymous said...

Interesting that we never ever see any of the libertarians throwing dirt. They just quietly keep taking percentage points away from the republicans and democrats each election.

Wilson46201 said...

Libertarians "take away" votes mostly from the GOP because Libertarians are just Republicans who are too ashamed to admit it !