Thursday, January 25, 2007

can't stop the colts-rock

since i posted about local group trillogy's prescient "colts anthem", which predicted that this year the colts would go to the super bowl, i might as well delurk to mention another new choon for all the colts heads. local favorites the mudkids have released a new remix of their track "rock n' roll" with all-new colts-inspired lyrics. like trillogy's colts tribute, the remix—called "go blue"—is available for download from myspace.

in fact, as i type this, the mudkids are currently downtown at the circle filming a video for the new mix, so if you work downtown and your drive home was impaired by a bunch of crazy hip-hop fans, now you know why.

mudkids mc choc soreel is not only one of the city's most talented mcs, but is also a talented dj, earning the wednesday night mikki fikki mix slot on "hot" 96.3, where he spins under the name dj rusty. rusty began last night's mix with "go blue"; as we were listening, i commented to virago that i thought it was better than trillogy's track "in almost every way", but she was reluctant to agree. (while she couldn't condone the twisted sister samples in trillogy's track, which might be ballsy but simply do not work, she commented that the "colts anthem" chorus was catchy, which i suppose it is in a gary glitter sort of way. at any rate, it's still better than the super bowl shuffle.)

so if you need some music to pump up your colts enthusiasm, i suggest you stream or download both these tracks, which will probably not stay up forever.


djempirical said...

russ is cool shit, as is elp mass. i was a fan of the birdmen of alcatraz, too, back in the day.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I loved the Birdmen too! I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers them from the day.

I am really happy for the Colt's coach especially. This time last year was the hardest place in his life and he pulled through to lead his team and our city to the national spotlight. I have a lot of respect for his faith. He's a class act all the way.