Tuesday, January 16, 2007

bad taste is back!

i've been "dark" for the past few days because i've been putting the final touches on the "new" bad taste website!

back in the day, bad taste was a net label that released music on cassette and cdr. someone would occasionally place an order, and we'd burn cds to fill that order (or before that, dubbed tapes). but burning all those cds is time-consuming, and nobody was ordering anyway. so in 2003 bad taste went on hiatus... tragically, with three pending cds as yet unreleased.

now it's 2007, and the kids get all their music online and download it onto their ipods or cellphones. so now bad taste has returned, retooled as a true online label (meaning "free mp3 downloads"). and to celebrate, we bring you tons of new mp3s!

finally, the world can hear the much-delayed releases by dr. butcher m.d., murkbox, and humdrum. and my maura's milk chocolate bath—which was released on cdr, but did better online anyway—is now finally available as an "official" downloadable release.

but that's not all... in anticipation of the upcoming release of animals within animals' third full-length release parts is parts (due out as a free download this spring), we'll be making the AWIA back catalog available for free download as well! AWIA's debut release yard ape is available now. mono a mono will go online probably next month.

for more information, get thy browser to badtaste4life.com!

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