Monday, January 22, 2007

obligatory colts post

apparently i wouldn't be doing by duty as an indiana blogger if i didn't mention the colts' victory against the new england patriots last night, catapulting the colts to their first super bowl since moving to indianapolis lo those years ago.

last night's game was so big, even i watched part of it... when i first flipped by, the colts were down 21-3 and i figured that was it. but an hour or so later, i flipped back over and suddenly the score was tied 28-28, and i ended up watching most of the monumental fourth quarter. and browsing through doug's "news of interest" sidebar, it looks like every blog in indiana has a colts post (or two). far be it for me to buck the trend.

i don't actually have anything to say about the colts' win, though, so i'll just link to local hip-hop group trillogy's myspace page, where you can hear their prescient "colts anthem", which, out of all the bands in the world that could be sampled in a hip-hop track, ridiculously samples twisted sister. this one has been getting some airplay on 96.3, and will likely get a lot more in the next two weeks.

update: i almost forgot to mention: no team with a black head coach has ever played the super bowl. this year, both teams have black coaches. smell the progress.

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