Thursday, January 11, 2007

last night's armed & famous premiere

the armed & famous premiere was moderately entertaining (as far as trash tv goes), though i'd had the most entertaining moments spoiled by reading too many reviews. at this point, it's too early to tell whether i'll keep watching or give up out of boredom before the season is over.

as i mentioned yesterday, if you're looking for a&f coverage, the muncie star-press is the place to go. the star-press has so much a&f material, you'd think nothing else was happening in muncie (and sadly, in a sense, that might be true). the website is overflowing with stories like this (actual headline):

Armed & Famous gives police dept. Hummers

ah, so that's why the police dept agreed to such a bad idea: their minds were cluttered from all that oral sex. oh, wait, they're actually talking about h3 hummers. and apparently those humvees were the only compensation the city received for doing the show. (in contrast, arrestees who signed waivers and posed for photos with their celebrity arresters got paid cash money.)

update: oh, i almost forgot. i guess there were a couple other television events last night: there was the IU/purdue game that nobody was able to watch, and also bush made a speech about why he's in favor of escalating the war in iraq (despite the fact that the vast majority of americans want to get the hell out of there). unsurprisingly, the indy star ed board is happy to follow bush wherever his war plan leads, but the new democrat-led congress won't play along.


Doug said...

I have a huge appetite for bad television. During college, I watched Saved by the Bell 3 to 5 times per day, if that gives you any indication.

So don't take it as high praise, but I sort of enjoyed Armed & Famous. The best part was the toothless, crack dealing old lady who was just tickled to get arrested by "Ponch."

Wee-man from Jackass is fun to watch just because he seems to be enjoying himself so much with whatever he's doing.

And the wrestler lady is easy on the eyes.

Anonymous said...

Who wouldn't love to be booked by "Ponch" if it was your toothless destiny to be arrested?

In Indy, unless we get competent leadership on the 25th floor and in our local council, I fear our city will become a sad pathetic haven for the criminal and ignorant. At that point no amount of celebrity cops can save us.

But, Who Can Run against Bart and win?

The time is now for a leader that has accomplishment and clout to inspire courage, hope, the value of citizenship by example, and education reform via privitization.

There are some that look to our Governor to Reform education via privitization. There is a strong constituent that likes the Governor's maverick ways of establishing privitized government services.

There is a motivated constituent in Indianapolis that wishes to see a Mayoral candidate for Indianapolis who can work in tandem with the Governor's vision and know-how.

stAllio! said...

what does that have to do with my post? and if indy leadership is so incompetent and indy is in so much danger, why can't the GOP find anyone who's even willing to run against bart?

as for the constituent that loves the governor's maverick ways... it's not as strong as you think.

torporindy said...

Okay, I admit that I tivo'd it and watched it too. It wasn't bad.