Tuesday, September 05, 2006

galactica webisodes

i've been eagerly awaiting the return of battlestar galactica (third season starts oct 6!), and now the wait is that much easier: scifi.com is posting a series of ten galactica webisodes, one every tuesday and thursday, leading right up to the premiere.

i confess i've never watched the webisodes of nbc's the office, despite being a fan of the show, though i might remedy that later tonight. but battlestar galactica is a different story.

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stAllio! said...

a "webisode" is like a micro-episode (i.e. no longer than 3-4 mins) of a tv show, but only available online. basically, they're free extra content for die-hard fans. they key aspect is "web", in that they are only on the website and are not broadcast.