Wednesday, September 27, 2006

NH congressional staffer fired for sockpuppetry

tad furtado was the #2 staffer in the congressional office of rep. charlie bass, who represents new hampshire's 2nd district. today he turned in his resignation after being busted for posting comments to blogs. this is potentially a violation of house ethics rules:

House ethics rules state that congressional staff time and equipment may not be used for campaign purposes, and that criminal and financial penalties can be assessed. The rules also say congressmen are responsible for their staff members' actions.

but that's not the worst of it. furtado wasn't going around posting comments in support of his employer, bass. no, furtado pretended to be a democrat who supported bass's opponent (paul hodes), and left comments on left-leaning blogs. you know the type: "i'm a lifelong democrat, but those republicans sure are awesome!" a group of NH bloggers grew suspicious of this "indieNH" and traced his IP address to congressional offices.

for the record, charlie bass asserts that he had no knowledge of furtado's sockpuppetry, and furtado was acting without bass's consent.

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