Friday, September 29, 2006

t-o-r-t-u-r-e, that's the bottom line

in light of the fact that it will now be legal for the government to lock up anyone it wants to indefinitely and torture them, i bring you the video for negativland's "the bottom line", directed by jim gladman.

it's almost hard to believe that this song is nearly 20 years old. (obviously the video is pretty recent... the song is so just so prescient and timely that it screamed out for a video.)

p.s. negativland is performing in chicago at the lakeshore theater on october 28. virago & i will be in attendance, and i know at least a couple people on my blogroll will be there as well.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, who knew when Free came out that torture would still be a hot topic in the public discourse in the 21st century? Really sad. I was just listening to Friendly Fascism by Consolidated this morning, and thinking that when the album came out in 1992 it seems a little too far left to be considered a serious commentary on America. Now of course it seems out-of-date.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and we TOTALLY have to have a Midwest Snuggles meetup at some point.