Tuesday, September 12, 2006


because i'm a lusty young lad, i've long been interested in databending nude or erotic photos. sure, cat bending is cool, as is bending photos of musical gear or people partying. but let's see some tits & ass! to the best of my knowledge, the market for glitched out erotic imagery has gone almost completely untapped.

but let's face it: i'm not a great photographer, my camera is old and virtually obsolete, i couldn't afford to pay models to pose for me, and i don't have the notoriety (or people skills) for girls to "go wild" and get naughty for my camera when i toss them a meager t-shirt. (and i have a lot of t-shirts to potentially give away.)

fortunately, there are a handful of brave photographers on flickr who proudly post their erotic photos with a CC license, allowing people like me to create derivative works without fear of legal action. one of the most prolific of these photographers is a user who calls himself ioerror. because ioerror has posted so many public nudes with a CC license, i wanted to bend one of his photographs first as a reward, a way to "give back" to the flickr community. my first such bends are now on flickr. i won't post any of the photos to the blog, as many of them are obviously not work-safe, but you can view the set here.

this is the first time i've bent the photo of a complete stranger on flickr, so i don't know how he'll react. but as he takes a lot of infrared portraits and also photographed a recent SRL show, i suspect he's progressive enough not to get too offended.


Anonymous said...

I really like the bent 10 one...that was awesome!!

stAllio! said...

yeah, that's probably my favorite, too.

djempirical said...

very nice work.

Anonymous said...

pretty rad or i guess i should say that is just tits!!!!