Tuesday, September 19, 2006

quote of the week

advance indiana has been entertaining reading of late, not because gary's posts have been particularly good or bad (he's kind of leveled off a bit after his dive off the deep end in august), but because his comment section has been overrun by crazies.

mixed in with an undetermined number of anonymous ranters, jocelyn-tandy torkwase adande is still posting regular comments as queen916. after i analyzed her delirium last month — her rabid homophobia, delusions of grandeur, and pathologically paranoid fixation on julia carson — i really didn't think anything she could say could surprise me anymore.

i was wrong:

Don't get caught falsifying voter affidavits and voting illegal absentee ballots for her this election! You can't rig the voting machines anymore in certain precincts because they are computers.

i assure you, she made this comment with no irony whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

what the heck? Like Julia needs help getting elected? Am I missing something? Hasn't she won by landslides every election since the 70's?

Anonymous said...

She has, mainly because she's in the only district the republicans can't manage to carve to pieces via Unigov and gerrymandering. Just too many black folks living in the same area of town.

Anonymous said...

jocelyn-tandy torkwase adande is also blogging under queen916 at the scary Indy Undercover blog, too...