Friday, August 04, 2006

lordy lordy, look who's thirty

tomorrow is my 30th birthday. i don't feel any older. then again, i didn't notice any real difference when i hit 18 or 21 or 25, either.

30 is supposed to be one of those major milestones, but that's just a quirk of the base 10 numeral system. after all, 30 in base 10 is only 1E in hex, or 00011110 in binary. just don't count your age in octal. (in octal, i'm turning 36.)

i'm writing this today because i expect to be too busy celebrating (or just relaxing) tomorrow to spend any time on the blog. virago & i will be going out to dinner, either at bosphorus or asaka. beyond that, i'm not sure if we'll end up going out and doing stuff (maybe seeing a movie, like clerks II) or just sit around and play civ IV: warlords the rest of the day. (no matter what else we do, we'll almost assuredly spend some time playing warlords.)

if you feel compelled to get me a gift for some reason, you can check out my amazon wishlist. but frankly, now that i'm a freelancer, what i really need these days is income. so for my birthday, why not consider buying yourself a gift from the awia shop? i have bunches of records and t-shirts lying around, just waiting for someone like you to buy. it sure would be nice to be able to get rid of some of them. hell, i'll even give you a bulk discount on records or shirts if you buy more than three of either item.

well, that's my birthday sales pitch. i'm off to go grab some dinner with virago and start enjoying my weekend. i might check back in on sunday.


arratik said...

awesome! i'm only 25 in hex years!

happy spirit journey formation anniversary, stAllio!

Anonymous said...

happy bitrhday mm never trust any one over 30 your officically unbeleavable,,