Thursday, August 03, 2006

rock the record store

update: this show is still happening, but because of scheduling conflicts, bobby vomit can't make it. as i was only going to improvise with him, i won't be going, either. but the show itself is still happening. being puts on a good show, and the other acts are probably cool, so check it out if you're in muncie. but we won't be there.

update!! i just got an email from bobby vomit saying this show is cancelled. sorry for the inconvenience.

i almost forgot that bobby vomit and i will be playing at village green records in muncie friday night. (the village green website is a myspace page that amusingly has more spam for a show at big car that night than for the show that's happening at village green, a fact which is all the more ironic considering that bobby & i are both scheduled to play an upcoming "electronic music" event at big car that was at one point scheduled for august 4th. but i digress.)

here's the info:

Aug 4th 7 pm @ Village Green Records, 519 N. Martin St. in the village

Pommel Chicago-based thunder and lightning

Pocket Gallows lo/no-wave

Being harsh noise for lovers

Bobby Vomit vs stAllio! some kind of improvised noise

i was unable to locate a website for pocket gallows.

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