Friday, August 11, 2006

indiana invades the daily show

on tonight's (er, last night's?) episode of the daily show, dan bakkedahl did a segment on the large number of terrorist targets in indiana. (bloggers were all over this story a month ago, literally, but i guess it takes time to film & edit these video segments.) in the segment, bakkedahl interviews NY senator charles schumer, who is quoted dismissively saying, "i doubt that the director of emergency services of indiana has much of an idea what a terrorist target is." (perhaps it was new york that screwed up by reporting too few potential targets?) then, bakkedahl journeys "into the heart of darkness itself, rural indiana", stopping by the gas city petting zoo, the shelbyville travel stop, and the fort wayne roller dome, where's he's treated to some good old-fashioned hoosier hospitality. the segment ends—natch—to the tune of "pink houses".

then, if that wasn't enough for you, later in the show, jon stewart interviews dale earnhardt, jr (who was in indy just last weekend for brickyard, where he came in 6th). is this a coincidence, or a blatant ploy for hoosier viewers? okay, it's a coincidence, but that's a lot of indiana-related content in one show.

the colbert graphic was created by the on notice generator, which is way cooler than the threatdown generator that started making the rounds a couple weeks back. bad taste for life.

update: the bakkedahl sketch is now on youtube.

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Anonymous said...

holoy shitter its a hit list, cia fbi are after my chocalate chew toys,, wathc out or daddy long arm of the law is gonna get ya...