Wednesday, August 30, 2006

when there's a ninja challenge, we must accept it

round three, originally uploaded by stallio.

photoshop kungfu is a flickr "battle" group, where users face off in image-editing showdowns, editing & re-editing photos into drastic new versions. the battles often get silly, or gory, or even naughty. (for a tamer, non-competitive batte group, try photoshop tennis.)

group founder this_is_not_a_name had been itching for a glitch art battle for some time, but had no takers... until i joined the group, that is.

the battle thread is here. this photo is my third-round entry. most battles last three rounds. after TINAN posts his reply, group members will vote on the winner. i think my chances of winning are pretty good, but these things are subjective.

update: i'm currently ahead by one vote. it's still anyone's race.

it appears you must be a member of the group to see the battle thread, so for those who aren't ready, willing, or able to join: here's the original photo. i went first, so here's my round 1 entry. here's TINAN's response. here's my round 2. here's TINAN's round 2. and here's TINAN's round 3.


djempirical said...

i got this:

> This page is private.
> Oops! You don't have permission to view this
> page.

do we have to join the group?

stAllio! said...

in order to see the battle thread, yes, i think you need to join the group.