Friday, August 11, 2006

stAllio! - angina music video

growing a bit tired of all the posts about ned lamont, gary welsh, liberal extremism, and all that mess? to be honest, i am a bit, too... this is an indiana blog, after all, so why are we still talking about the connecticut senate race?

it's been a couple weeks since i uploaded any videos to youtube, so for a change of pace, here's the video for my track "angina" from dissonance is bliss:

this was the second music video i made when i finally got a video camera in 1999. (the first video i made was "requcnice".) like my other early videos, it was edited primitively using only a video camera, a vcr, and their respective pause buttons. but unlike "requcnice", where i basically ran around the house filming eyeball benders, this time i tried to get more sophisticated.

the video begins with a study of an oscillating fan, but the footage is randomly edited so that the fan's motions are impossibly spastic. then it moves on to some fireworks, some footage of a little white doll, and even a sequence of faux–stop-motion animation involving a stool and various found items. it's not my best work, and the audio is a bit off in parts, but considering the tools used and the budget ($0), i think it stands up pretty well.

this was also one of the few videos i've made where i had actual assistance from someone else (the only other one being "telemetry", which was co-directed by murkbox). my then-roommate steven aided with some of the filming, and the doll featured in the video is his, as well as the hand that can be seen holding it in a couple shots. but the guy in the ponytail wearing the dead kennedys t-shirt who can be seen early in the video is yours truly. i can also be seen for a brief moment later in the video, wearing a ween t-shirt.

we now return you to your regularly scheduled liberal extremism.

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