Thursday, August 24, 2006


jumbled-4, originally uploaded by stallio.

once more for paul. after this one, i'll probably use someone else's photos for my next bending project (my own, or someone else's on flickr... someone with a CC license), but i i absolutely loved the texture of this photo by paul goyette of a pile of scrap metal. it has a real tetsuo: the iron man feel to it, and i knew it would look fabulous if i resaved it as a PSD file and edited it in sound forge.

i tried for hours in vain to get the file to bend, but it broke with every edit. soon i discovered the problem: when i interpreted the file as a 16-bit wav, any edits i made broke the file, but interpreting it as 8-bit worked just fine.

view the whole set here (4 photos). these are probably best viewed large.

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djempirical said...

i've just added CC licenses to a lot of my photos. i got bored with it, though, so i didn't do them all.