Wednesday, November 23, 2005

white thanksgiving

if the weather this morning is any indication, we might be in for that most magical of holidays: the white thanksgiving. if a white christmas is special then a white thanksgiving must be double-plus special, right? that snow sure is coming down right now. it probably won't be enough to really stick to the roads (at least not once the stuff stops falling!), but the sheer sudden volume, mixed with the fact that it started falling overnight, will likely mean some white areas on the grass, at least.

the indy star doesn't predict too much snow:

There's good news for anyone worried about rising fuel prices: Weather forecasters predicted Tuesday that this winter will be warmer than normal.

This week, however, won't be an indicator.

The Indianapolis area will get its first measurable snowfall of the season today -- less than an inch, according to the National Weather Service -- and on Thanksgiving night will see a low temperature of 17 degrees. That's 14 degrees below normal for the date.

But the winter season likely won't be so bleak overall, forecasters said.

"On the average, we believe the warm conditions will be more prevalent than the colder outbreaks," said Ken Scheeringa, assistant state climatologist at Purdue University.

that extra warmth will be welcome in a winter sure to see record-high heating bill costs. i personally expect my natural gas bill to hit $300/month during the worst of this winter. that's gotta hurt.

with the holiday weekend, i don't expect to have much time for blogging. so don't be too surprised if a few days go by without any updates. don't count on any friday cat blogging/bending this week either. (since the beginning i've never said i would do it every week. next week seems likely, though.)

enjoy the holidays, kids. and if you're unfortunate enough to work in retail, i feel for you. the rest of us get vacation, while you get possibly the worst workday of the year. on the other hand, we just might get a white black friday!

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