Friday, November 04, 2005

goodbye gray skies, hello news

more fun with google news. i was browing through the business section of all places and stumbled across this bizarre juxtaposition. what does the labor department's october job report have to do with retro sitcom happy days? was google news (which is supposedly 100% computer generated, automagically pulling headlines from disparate news sources, associating them with each other, and grabbing images from stories on-the-fly) trying to tell us that the job report, which the blurb admits is "weaker than expected", is a harbinger that the economy is good, that happy days are here again?

clicking the pictures takes us to this story on KSBI, which has nothing at all to do with richie cunningham or the fonz. but it does show us where the picture came from: the right column lists all the old reruns that KSBI airs. other shows include rockford files, the a-team, and saved by the bell.

amused, i did a news search for "KBSI" and found a couple more happy days stories:

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