Thursday, November 17, 2005

stAllio! mp3 of the day on i-see-sound

reader dj empirical writes for a couple cincinnati publications, including the music blog i-see-sound.

today's mp3 of the day on i-see-sound is my track "spamouflage", from my true data 12" (which is still available from the awia shop).

if you never got the mp3 or the record (or if you're just too lazy to pick up the needle on your turntable), you should check it out. the true data material is some of my best work ever.

and now is as good a time as any to announce price cuts! i still have a bunch of copies of true data in stock. one likely reason that sales have been low is that i've just been charging too much. $9 for one 12"? that's a bit excessive. i set the price fairly high in the hopes of recouping my expenses—my unit price was itself much higher than average because i went with a very limited pressing of 200. that's right; it's limited to 200! by now, i no longer care so much about recouping my costs. i just want to unload some of my stock so i won't have a huge stack of unsold records sitting around in my studio. i simply don't have enough space to store all my stuff these days.

so effective today, the true data 12" is only $7 from the awia shop. the combo deal is only $12 plus shipping (or $14 + shipping for girlie shirts).

also i'm officially extending the combo deal to include cds. order a 12" and a cd and get $2-3 off. furthermore, inside the US, the shipping on "music-only combos" is just $2! these will be shipped media mail. (i can't extend this offer to t-shirts, as legally you're not allowed to ship shirts via media mail, and parcel post for packages over 1lb costs 2-3x as much.) basically, that amounts to free shipping!

true data + maura's milk chocolate bath = $14 including US shipping!
true data + mono a mono = $16 including US shipping!
you get the picture.

if you ordered in the past couple months, i probably already cut you a price break. but now it's official. it might take a few days to update the awia shop but rest assured, reduced prices are now in effect. i'm still figuring out some of the details; i'll probably post again about this soon.

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