Friday, November 18, 2005

friday cat bending: fx

friday cat databending #5. (link to #4.)

continuing from last week, where i has converted leland_poses to a BMP file and was running various audio effects on it in sound forge. last week i showed some experiments with volume. this week i show some other effects. perhaps the most interesting (from an intellectual standpoint if not a visual standpoint) are "delay", which created a "ghost" image, and "invert", which is remarkably close to what the image would look like if you ran a standard invert effect (roughly a photo negative effect) in an image editor (with just a little extra visual noise). this demonstrates that the "invert" commands in audio and image editors do pretty much the same thing, which is interesting but perhaps not that useful.

and now i give you the images:

leland_poses.JPG: original image:

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leland_poses-chorus.jpg: run through chorus effect:

open:this window|open:new window

leland_poses-compression.jpg: run through compression effect:

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leland_poses-delay.jpg: run through delay effect:

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leland_poses-invert.jpg: run through invert effect:

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leland_poses-smooth.jpg: run through smooth effect:

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leland_poses-win-wahwah.jpg: run through wah-wah effect:

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arratik said...

hmm... i know i've probably asked you this before, but what app are you using for image/waveform editing? i tried that volume trick on a random bmp file and even the slightest variation would break the file.

stAllio! said...

i do virtually all my bending in sound forge. that's just the app i "grew up with".

my BMP files kept breaking my first few attempts, and then i remembered the cardinal rule of image bending:

don't bend the header!

BMP headers are very very short. you will have to zoom way in to even be able to locate them. but as small as they are, they are there, and if you bend them the file will break.

so basically, zoom way in (2:1 is probably enough) and highlight everything but the header. you should be able to figure out what the header looks like with a little work. then you should be able to run almost any fx. though i did have trouble trying to use vibrato for some reason.

Anonymous said...

I had a cat once but we moved so I had to place it in a walmarts bag with a 15 pound rock and throw it in the white river.