Tuesday, August 02, 2005


i'm pretty crushed at work... everyone here is, but i have it particularly bad as i received massive amounts of turnover for several projects all at once, all of them having due dates in the next week or so... and i'm taking thursday and friday off this week, as virago will arrive here on thurs.

while the collage show isn't until 8/12, jim at big car wants all the art in the gallery by 8/6 (so that people who are coming by the gallery for other events will get to see all the collage). so at home i've been spending a lot of time making new collages, as well as catching up on the first season of the new battlestar galactica (thanks, bittorrent).

at one point last night i returned to my room to see a blue screen of death on my computer: extremely rare in xp. rebooting didn't work either the first couple times, and then it did. so i watched the two-part season-1 finale of battlestar galactica. but the next time i left the room long enough for my screen saver to kick in, i returned to find that BSOD again. this time, even fiddling with the bios, i couldn't get it to boot again. it didn't want to boot from cd, and i couldn't boot from floppy because i had never actually hooked up my floppy drive properly. eventually i gave up and went to bed.

this morning i started it up and it booted fine. it even told me that windows had recovered from "a serious error". so i went to take my shower, and when i got back: BSOD. ugh. but at least it boots sometimes. now i'm at work, where the computer is crap but it boots every time.

here's my theory: last night we had 2-3 power flickers right in a row. i'm thinking that's most likely what caused my system instability. if i can get it to boot again, i can run system restore or try to "repair" my windows installation, and hopefully that'll work.

but i don't know if i'll have time to do that tonight, as tonight we're supposed to go to key cinemas, and bruce campbell will be there, signing autographs and giving us a sneak preview of his new movie, the man with the screaming brain.

bruce campbell!

anyway, i don't expect to have much time for blogging and the like in the next few days... even if i get my home computer back up in working order tonight, i still have way too much crap to do at work, and lots to do at home preparing for virago's move and the collage show.

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djempirical said...

bruce should be here tomorrow. good times.