Tuesday, August 09, 2005

busy busy busy

sheesh! i went back to work on monday, and between that and the virago move, i don't have time for anything else! i'm even falling behind on my tv shows. the horror! the horror!

but really, other than not getting to watch battlestar galactica, six feet under, or my adult swim favorites yet, it's pretty cool. all the boxes got moved over on thursday, though a couple boxes are still missing... we need to fish out the delivery confirmation info for those and see what's going on there.

there's still not much furniture in virago's place: we need to rent a truck (or find a friend with one who wants to help) in order to move a few of those things. but she bought a new bed thursday evening, and it got delivered today, so that's one down.

we've been doing a lot of unpacking and lots of shopping as well. virago refuses to step inside a wal-mart as a matter of principle (and i can't say i disagree), but we've been to meijer twice so far, and to target once, in addition to some grocery trips and a quick visit to the circle center mall, etc.

now that the bed is there, tonight we plan to officially move her cat over to the new place, and she plans to start sleeping there tonight. after that, things will start to calm down at my house, though surely virago will start getting antsy for more furniture. we have a few things for her that we don't have a large enough vehicle to move: a couch, a desk, an entertainment center, some chairs. maybe this weekend we'll somehow acquire a truck and move that stuff over.

the workday is just about over & it's almost time to drive downtown to see her again... after being in a long-distance relationship for so long, it's really nice to finally live close to each other. i'm sure i'll be able to start catching up on my tivo recordings soon.

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