Monday, August 01, 2005

bolted on

months ago, the senate completely derailed john bolton's nomination process. in a textbook display of bushism, bush refused to hand over the bolton-related documents that the senate demanded. the senate wouldn't allow a vote on bolton's nomination without the documents, and eventually the gop stopped even trying to railroad his nomination through the approval process. indeed, when bolton's nomination couldn't even get out of committee without an endorsement, the nomination process was pretty much dead.

any other president ever in the history of ever would have tried to be reasonable at that point and would have chosen another nominee. but not bush. he just waited until congress's session was over and made a recess appointment. all this despite the new revelation that bolton lied in paperwork he had submitted during the senate nomination process (which is akin to perjury).

once again, bush does what he wants, the rest of the world be damned. but i can't imagine how he or anyone else could think this was a good idea. bolton is a lame duck appointee before he even gets to the UN: his appointment only lasts until january 2007. and the entire world knows (for they read the news more closely than americans, it seems) that bolton is a quintessential kiss-up, kick-down kind of intelligence-twisting asshole.

more importantly, the world knows that bolton has no legitimacy: he speaks for bush, to be sure, but he wasn't approved by the senate. the US has never before had a UN ambassador who couldn't get senate approval. this is a huge mark of shame for bolton, an albatross around his neck so large and putrid that you can barely see the bushy moustache underneath.

the rest of the world knows bolton is damaged goods, and they will ignore him. why shouldn't they? he will need to be replaced in 16 months anyway. bolton was specifically chosen because he is a belligerent asshole, and republicans think his assholishness will allow him to browbeat the rest of the world into compliance with his wingnut agenda. but the world knows better. they'll just blow him off, nothing will get done, and american diplomacy will only be harmed (further, if that's even possible).

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