Friday, August 12, 2005

getting to the big car gallery

tonight is the official opening of the collage show. i'm performing tonight (along with others), and the show continues through september 17.

getting to the big car gallery can be a little tricky. it's in the murphy building at 1043 virginia ave. the building looks like this when viewed from virginia ave and is easy to find:

however getting to the big car gallery, which is in suite 215, is a little trickier. if you enter from virginia ave, you might get lost in the halls.

the best door to enter through is the one at the southwest corner of the building (on the west wall, not the south wall), off of prospect st: go up the stairs and hopefully the signs will lead you the rest of the way there.

if you're driving southeast on virginia (coming from downtown), they recommend turning right on prospect, then turning right on st patrick st. you'll see a little parking lot on the right. that's a good place to park if spots are available. if you follow the "one way" road to the south from that parking lot, it will lead you to this door. (the door is clearly marked with "BIG CAR" signs)

if you can't park in that lot, you'll have to park elsewhere. but still look for that door. alternatively, galerie penumbra is also participating in the exhibition, and their entrance is right off virginia... if you enter the building there, they just might direct you where to go upstairs. but i can't vouch for that.

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