Wednesday, August 03, 2005

creative commons

i finally put a notice on my stAllio! mp3 page that my mp3s are available under the creative commons sampling plus license (or should i just use the attribution license?)

it's long been "understood"—at least by those who know me and are familiar with my work—that i don't give a damn if someone samples me or wants to use my stuff in their net radio show or their podcast. in fact i encourage that stuff. but the site never really had any kind of public notice or disclaimer about that fact. now it does.

the creative commons system isn't perfect, but it's a damn good start, and the only real legal framework available (that i know of) for those of us creators who don't want to fascistically lock down our content. also, the code for the notice includes extra stuff that should allow people who are looking for cc-licensed material (for example, podsafe music to play on their podcasts) to find the page using cc search tools.

soon (or eventually) i'll also add notices to the awia mp3s, pirates of the internet, this blog, etc.

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