Wednesday, August 31, 2005

stAllio! in nuvo

the nuvo feature i alluded to last week has now been published. it's written by jim walker, who's a cool guy and also the executive director of the way-cool big car gallery that's hosting the big collage show.

i had thought i would simply be a part of nuvo's periodic "30 under 30", but it turns out to be a full article/interview, and it's all about me. at any rate, it's called packrat of all trades and it's basically an interview/question and answer session. let me know if i come off like a prick or a snooty artist type or anything like that.

the photo i'm posting here is "appropriated" from the nuvo article, and was taken by jim walker in the hallway of the murphy building on 8/12 (the night of the latencies opening).


djempirical said...

nice article, guy.

and no, you don't come off like a snob at all.

B0BBY V0MIT said...

you zare defffinately a sod ,,, you look jewish just get here from gazza ? mutha pluckin ferenzy MIESTURE $+@77!0 way to go

Jon Silpayamanant said...

about damn time too!