Thursday, August 11, 2005

big art

tomorrow is the collage show at the big car gallery and galerie penumbra in fountain square.

in my online promotion for the show (specifically this imn thread), i started looking up websites for all the artists involved. so i'll report those links here and you can check 'em out.

when possible i tried to link to the artist's website. often i couldn't find one, but found articles about the artists in local periodicals like nuvo or the indy star, so i linked to those.

of the artists who i couldn't find any links for, many of them have an image or two up at

so here's the list. if anyone has links for the other, unlinked artists, i'd love to have them.

so take a look. there's some interesting stuff there... jo legner's erotic (not work safe) art gives me the vapors!


arratik said...

are you talking "vapors" in the biz markie sense of the word? i don't think there's been a single work of art that has ever given me those kind of vapors. maybe if i experienced it in person...

arratik said...

i think i meant slick rick. my bad.