Monday, April 18, 2005


all data from that was lost in the server crash is now back up... with the exception of any pictures that were posted to the bobby vomit blawg in the past week or so. i don't have those images; hopefully mr vomit still has them on his hard drive and can repost them. (i think that only one pic was lost: the photo of the guitar-turntables that he's working on. but my memory could be faulty.)

the important lesson here is always keep a copy of your website. i have pretty much this whole site (except for the blogger parts) on my hard drive, so recovering the lost content wasn't too difficult. (blogger stores all blog posts on its own servers, separate from where you publish the blog, as i suspect most blogging services do, so recovering the blogs is also easy.)

the new mp3 of the week will be announced within the next couple hours (the mp3 is already online, but i haven't done my writeup for it yet).

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