Saturday, April 02, 2005

april boobs

one last april fool's post...

voyeurweb is an amateur erotic website (softcore). all the content is submitted by "real" people hoping to win prizes, so the quality can be super inconsistent. but some of it's pretty decent.

for april fool's day, they posted double versions of some of today's photo sets... with silly callouts. there's just something about looking at a photo of a nude woman with a big arrow pointing to her crotch and a callout that says "pussyhair". the pictures are here: check the april 1st pics. right now, each april 1st set is listed twice (though i can't guarantee the callout sets won't come down tomorrow), and the upper sets are the ones with callouts.

obviously not work safe, but there's no penetration or anything like that either.

p.s. as i feared, vw took down the callout-ed pix. but i've uploaded a few here so you can get a taste for some calloutomfoolery.