Friday, April 01, 2005


you know, i had half-planned to come up with some really hideous, obnoxious design for my blog today... you know, lots of overly bright colors and distracting animations. but then drbmd came over last night and we watched some tenacious d and a little movie called robo vampire, so i didn't have time to design it... and while i could throw something together now, i have limited site access (no sftp at work, only blogger) and can't create animations, plus it would distract too much from my busy day at work. so sorry, no fake new design for april fool's day.

but not everyone was so lazy. michelle malkin's... i mean roxanne's blog today is great: i love the pic of yosemite sam representing the arizona "minutemen". lovely.

if you find any good april fool's sites, why not post them to the comments? i'm sure there are more out there.

and remember, if you get an email from the head of your "label" saying that he's shutting the label down, be sure to check your calendar.

p.s. dammit, now i can't even post! blogger errors (specifically, it says it can't connect to srn). i am undone! it's a good thing i didn't waste any time this morning creating an ugly design that i couldn't even post!

p.p.s. the washington post has a nice summary of several online april fool's jokes, which is good because clearly i won't be compiling any such list here on my blog. it's been 6 hours and i still can't post. april fool's! you can't use your blog! i just hope it isn't down all weekend...

p.p.p.s. 7 hours... i'm at home and i can definitely connect to the site with my sftp client; maybe now magically i'll be able to post this also. but i'm not really counting on it.