Tuesday, April 05, 2005

judge, jury, meet executioner

yes, the american taliban--those religious fundamentalists who want to run the US according to "god's law" rather than the US constitution--have all but issued a fatwah against the judicial system. though they're trying to be subtle about it.

first tom delay, he with an ethical albatross around his neck so huge that he's bound to suffocate soon, said that those responsible for "murdering" terri schiavo will one day "answer for their behavior." people tried to get him to clarify that... surely, they thought, the house majority leader isn't threatening these judges with violence? not in a world where one chicago judge's family was murdered just a couple weeks ago, a world where judge greer, who ruled several times on the schiavo case, was essentially forced out of his church and needs armed bodyguards to protect him from all the angry protesters and death threats?

delay refused to clarify.

now the reactionary rhetoric has gotten worse, with even more congressmen tacitly endorsing the assassination of US judges at worst, or making excuses for domestic terrorists at best (there's even video of it here. fortunately, a lot of people are speaking up about it, even other congressmen.

such bitter irony. bush sends troops to the middle east to fight against religiously motivated terrorists and religious fundamentalists who want to control the government. but in his own country, bush's own party is itself trying to give government power to the fundies, and is apparently now tacitly endorsing terrorist acts here in the states.

what's good for the gander is apparently not good for the goose.

p.s. srn is installing a new server, so things are a bit wonky right now while pan gets that set up. currently, i can't log in or post, but hopefully i will soon, so all these blog entries will sort of appear in a big bunch once i can authenticate with the server again. pan has said the new server will cure the dread "text/plain" bug, so i'm looking forward to that.

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