Wednesday, January 05, 2005

happy refresh

first post of 2005 y'all.

i'm still investigating the mysterious "source code" problem. tfy noted in the comments that if you experience that problem, deleting ".html" from the url will render the page properly (ie: i have no idea what's up with that, but it's a workaround just in case.

right now i'm working on getting the blog to validate properly (at least most of the way: i have lots of &s that should be &s and i'm not going to replace them all by hand). the theory is that the problem is some sort of intermittent rendering error has been caused by bad code, & cleaner code will make it go away. i have no idea how to test my theories because i don't know how to duplicate the error; it just seems to appear when i arrive at the office, then i fix it... it stays fixed during the workday, then it reappears when i get home. maybe rebooting or restarting mozilla will do it...

i've had an rss feed for the blog for awhile, but it's now actually linked to the page rather than hyperlinked. if you're using a non-ie browser you might also have noticed my new favicon. it's not perfect but i like it.

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