Thursday, December 30, 2004

on being a gangster

how did i not hear about this until now?

i was reading an article in the leftcoaster about the xtian right, etc... the part at the bottom of the page talks about an amusing anti-bush billboard. not quite culture-jamming, but close: taking back the billboard from the corporations & using it for free artistic expression. then i realized it was talking about indianapolis.

here's a quote from the original nuvo article:

What started as a series of political statements by local billboard artists has expanded into a controversy involving the Federal Election Commission and sparked a debate on the nature of politics, art and the use of property. The current incarnation of the politically charged billboard series visible from the freeway

A lightning rod of the controversy is a sign featuring a grinning image of George W. Bush offering the thumbs-up with the words "Dang, it feels good to be a gangsterer!" printed above. The current billboard on the side of a large brick building at 922 Massachusetts Ave. is clearly visible from the I-65/I-70 freeway interchange.

when i saw "I-65/I-70" it dawned on me... holy shit, that's downtown naptown!

the billboard is brought to you in part by a non-profit called YourArtHere: check 'em out while their first-amendment rights are still protected. as for me, i just might need to go downtown soon, before this goes away...