Monday, December 20, 2004


i could've sworn i blogged about this months ago, but apparently not...

back in september i was contacted by arie altena, from amsterdam. arie was editing an academic publication to be titled Unsorted: an A to Z for SonicActs X. sonicacts x was a corresponding live event/conference, with lectures & performances by all sorts of cool acts like dj /rupture and venetian snares.

in the email, arie informed me that mitchell whitelaw had written an article about databending & sonification that mentioned my work. whitelaw had also suggested that some of my databent images should be used as illustrations, so arie was writing me for permission to print them. of course i consented.

i got my copies of the book in the mail today. it's a little pocket-sized thing on yellow paper. you can actually read whitelaw's article, hearing pure data as a pdf on his website (courtesy of the university of canberra, where he teaches). the book is organized alphabetically by title: whitelaw's article is filed under H. as a consequence, my images are filed under S for stAllio!, and that section is even listed in the table of contents.

so the "stAllio! section" is two pages long. it includes the text of my june 12 blog entry announcing the databent image gallery, along with five thumbnails: rr8-1-bent, rr8-1-bent2, rr8-2-bent, rr8-5-bent, & rr8-7-bent. not the images i would've chosen, though this was printed in black & white, so maybe those were the most viable choices when stripped of their color information & shrunk os small (i know b&w bending for print is tricky stuff: i tried creating some bent art to use for the true data labels, but everything i did looked awful when printed, so i abandoned that & did more a traditional design).

fyi: as far as i know, the sales increase of the true data 12" from this notoriety has been exactly 0 units (oops, misplaced the decimal: it's actually 0.0 units).

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