Tuesday, December 14, 2004

capsule reviews

because i've been watching the fuck out of some movies on my new directivo, i figured i would throw out some capsule reviews of movies i've seen recently. reviews range in length from short to insanely short.

texas chainsaw remake: an enjoyable flick but not nearly as good as the original, and hardly even the same film as the original... various details were changed, generally for the worse. it just ain't the texas chainsaw massacre without a birthday scene.

the life and death of peter sellers: geoffry rush is amazing as peter sellers! amazing i tell you!

cherish: fun, quirky, indie film. entertaining but not outstanding. the main character listens to cheesy music and explains to everyone why it's actually good.

the road to perdition: excellent. tom hanks plays a badass, and pulls it off.

shattered glass: as an editor and someone who follows the media closely, i found it fascinating.

solaris (soderbergh/clooney remake): entertaining but almost excruciatingly slow. (in fact, i watched a few minutes of the original russian film years ago but stopped watching because it was too slow. though maybe it wouldn't be too slow for me now.) kind of like watching only the weird nonsensical parts of 2001 if you add in a romantic subplot and lots of melodramatic flashbacks. except 2001 was a much better film.

looney toons: back in action: has a lot of nice touches. the museum chase scene is priceless. but let's face it: this film begs to be compared to who framed roger rabbit? & frankly, this film lacks the magic that roger rabbit had. roger rabbit created a framework in which the cartoon and real worlds intersect & took us on a stylish journey through both. looney toons simply expects us to accept that toons are real. i think that symbolizes the difference in quality and vision between the two films.

full frontal: i'm not sure what to make of this one, the second soderbergh film in these reviews. it has a metafictional "film within a film" but seemingly both films have the same plot. okay, maybe "plot" is too strong a term, since this is one of those indie films where there are a bunch of people, then stuff happens, then it's over.

i'm probably forgetting a few, but that's enough for now.

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